Sunshine Tourism - privacy policy

The booking info/records which you provide to us may be used to contact you thru email/call for sharing infirmation about the vacation packages and promotions that are relevant to you. Further, this details will only be passed on to your travel suppliers or other parties necessary for the provision of your travel arrangements. The information may therefore be provided to public authorities such as customs or immigration if required by them, or as required by law. This applies to any sensitive information that you give to Sunshine such as details of any disabilities or dietary/nutritional and religious requirements.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

Please note that this privacy policy may be change from time to time. If we make material changes that will affect personal information we have already collected from You, we can make reasonable efforts to inform You of the changes and to give. You the opportunity to amend or cancel your registration.

No Refund For Unutilized Services

It is truely understood that there will be no refund or reimbursement in anyway for unutilized offerings. This widespread rule applies to all forms of non-usage or underutilization of excursion offerings, whether or not of the complete or a part of the excursion and whether or not as a rely of your choice, or due to your fault or pressured via way of means of situations which include ill-fitness, weather, outside elements and so forth. As a effect of the above rule, please observe that no refund may be admissible withinside the following situations (among others). There might be no refund in case you fail to sign up for the institution on the graduation of the excursion or be part of the institution later or go away the institution earlier than fruits of the excursion for any motives in anyway. There may be no-refund in case you fail to or are not able to make use of any of the offerings at the excursion like airline travel, hotels, cruises, meals, front fees, sightseeing, rides, elective excursions and so forth because of any cause in anyway which include past due reporting, ill-fitness and so forth.

Employees / Agents Not Authorized To Change Terms

No individual consisting of any of our employees, dealers or franchisees has the authority to modify, amend, or waive any stipulation, illustration, time period or situation set forth on this record. Assurance if any, given through any of our personnel, sellers, franchisees or every other person, whether or not given verbally / in writing / through e mail / through sms or otherwise, that's contrary to the phrases and conditions shall no longer bind us, in any manner.


Please note that your fitness is totally your hazard and duty. Our excursions are suitable for men and women of affordable fitness. They may no longer fit persons who're medically infirm or who've special needs or requirements whether due to age, clinical situations or otherwise. It will be your responsibility to inform us in writing in case you have any scientific situation which can have an effect on your potential to absolutely experience our tour arrangements or in which the pastimes of other excursion contributors can be adversely laid low with such circumstance. Underneath such conditions we may additionally decline to accept you or keep you on this tour. We reserve the proper (with out duty) to invite you to undergo scientific tests and to offer written certification of your scientific health before departure or at any time in the course of the tour and in case you fail to go through such assessments or fail to provide such certificate, we can also decline to just accept you or to continue you on the excursion. Our moves on this regard may be guided now not most effective via worries to your health but additionally the ease and health of the other tour contributors. But, it is not our obligation to test your scientific circumstance and in case you suffer any injury or aggravation at the tour or if you are unable to revel in / whole the entire or any part of the excursion due to your clinical conditions, we shall now not be vulnerable to compensate you nor to refund any amount to you nor to pay your scientific costs. In this regard, please be aware that provider providers consisting of airlines may additionally decline to accept you on medical grounds. Please carefully study and understand the rules and guidelines of the carrier companies, due to the fact we shall no longer be responsible for the results that you could suffer. To some extent, your losses as a result of cancellation or curtailment on account of hospitalization as also your charges of hospitalization may be covered with the aid of insurance please see coverage section underneath.

Coach And Seating

We commonly engage air-conditioned / air-cooled luxury coaches however we aren't accountable if the air-conditioning gadget malfunctions for any purpose. On institution tours, you aren't allocated seat numbers as a seat rotation machine is observed. You must observe the commands of the tour manager in this regard. The common touring time through train is approximately 8 to 10 hours or more a day in europe and in americaa. Under normal avenue situations. Comfort stops are furnished each 2-3 hours, after suitable durations. The foregoing timings are indicative only. Even though some of the coaches are equipped with emergency washrooms, one of these facility may be used best in case of a dire emergency. The coach drivers are bound through restrictions regarding maximum riding hours in step with day and per week and the itineraries are deliberate in regards to the same. It's far therefore important that the itineraries, schedules and timings are strictly adhered to via you which will ensure that all the offerings may be duly provided. In case you or any of your co-passengers misses any carrier due to unpunctuality, we shall no longer be susceptible to refund any quantity. Further, we shall no longer be vulnerable to refund any amount or pay any compensation / damages for any change in itinerary or for missing any carrier due to the unpunctuality or movements of your co-passengers or for any delays because of any motives. Please observe that smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and snacks is precisely prohibited on coaches. Please maintain the teach clean to avoid soreness to your self and different tour contributors. Please take care now not to go away in the back of any property within the educate while disembarking. The employer might no longer be responsible or accountable in case of lack of such assets below any circumstances.

Baggage On Coach

Please note that the owner's age is not included in the tour price. It is often difficult to get help from the drivers because the hotel may or may not provide this service, so it is better to use a wheel bag. Coaches have limited space for bags so we only allow one bag and one hand bag per coach. The bag must measure 158 cm. (width + length + height).


We will in no instances by any means be at risk of you or any individual traveling with you, for loss of baggage by using the airline, failure to offer meal of your choice by using the airline, denied boarding or down-gradation because of overbooking or any other motive, failure at the a part of the airline to house you notwithstanding having showed tickets, high-quality or quantity of food presented by way of the airlines, flight delays or rescheduling, flight cancellation, changes of flight agenda or routing, change of airline referred to on the time of booking etc. In those situations, we are able to no longer be answerable for the injury, loss or inconvenience suffered by means of you but you'll be loose to pursue your treatments towards the worried airline.

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