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Gorewada Zoo is a on of best zoo in Nagpur district, Maharashtra state, India and it is a good Places to visit near Nagpur within 50 km. Functionally, this is probably one of the largest safari lodges in India with more than 1914 hectares located on the banks of Gorewada Lake.

Gorewada Lake & Nagpur Zoo will host one of India's first night safaris. Gorewada Zoo is one of the largest zoos in India and is home to a variety of animals including the African Safari.

Gorewada Biodiversity Park also organizes forest safaris which are usually open at two different times of the day. One in the morning and afternoon.

By the time I finished exploring the park, I was waiting for the jungle safari season, so I decided to explore the area in the afternoon session.

The idea is to explore deep into the forest to connect with the wild life and view the length of the forest. It turned out to be a good decision to make.

The Jungle Safari is a 7km trek that will take you through the different patches of Gorewada Biodiversity Park and bring you up close with wildlife. The park authorities also organize night game drives, but this is done under special supervision.

The parts of this project are: Indian Safari, African Safari, Night Safari, Bio Park, Deep Time Trail, Trail of senses, Tribal Village Trail, River Ride, Gorewada Reserve, Entry Plaza, Bird Walking Aviary, Rescue Center and other attractions related to it. . An SPV (special purpose vehicle) will be formed under the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited (“FDCM”) (authorized under section 92(2) of the Memorandum of Association of FDCM Limited. -joint FDCM with a private investor in FDCM (51% share) and a private partner.

Gorewada zoo safari timings and charges

The morning opening hours of the zoo will be from 6:00 am to 10:00 am and the evening hours from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

Gorewada zoo Indian Safari Timings (50 Mins to 60 Mins for safari)Monday ClosedAvailable on week-ends & public holidays
08:30 AM (AC Bus) 08:45 AM (AC Bus) 09:00 AM (AC Bus) 09:10 AM (AC Bus)
09:30 AM (AC Bus) 10:00 AM (AC Bus) 10:15 AM (AC Bus) 10:30 AM (AC Bus)
10:40 AM (AC Bus) 11:00 AM (AC Bus) 11:30 AM (AC Bus) 11:45 AM (AC Bus)
12:00 AM (AC Bus) 2:00 PM (AC Bus) 2:15 PM (AC Bus) 2:30 PM (AC Bus)
03:00 PM (AC Bus) 03:30 PM (AC Bus) 03:45 PM (AC Bus) 04:00 PM (AC Bus)
04:10 PM (Non AC Bus) 04:30 PM (AC Bus) 05:00 PM (AC Bus) 05:15 PM (AC Bus)
05:30 PM (AC Bus) 05:40 PM (Non AC Bus) 06:00 PM (AC Bus)